Treat Yo’ Self, first.

Sometimes the hardest person to fall in love with is yourself. It is so easy to become consumed in the world and pleasing everyone around, that we forget the most important person in need of attention. Our hearts are spread so thin trying to love everyone that we don’t save anything for ourselves. The most important person we can love, we neglect. We push ourselves to the bottom of the totem pole, to chase after that one we can’t catch. We obsess over the idea of being in love; to the point that we think we love someone. But we don’t. We love the idea of being in love. Continue reading


Forever Friends

The best types of people are the ones that would probably make fewer mistakes without you. Or stay up all night making remixes to T Swizzle songs while you bash some stupid boy for breaking your heart. Or will come all the way to your house just because there’s food. The best types of people are the ones that you cannot get rid of, no matter what goes on, they are right there as loving as always. Continue reading

I’m not really sure.

Life’s got such a funny way of working out when you least expect it. You make plans, set up for the long run, and BOOM, life happens and everything falls apart or seems like it will never work out. It’s such a funny reminder that not all things are going to go according to plan, and that you may never even get to the end of your initial journey because of all the twists and turns you were taken down.  Life has such a funny way of showing you the small things in life that make the biggest impact, introducing you to people that you would have never said hello too, and taking you to places that you had never thought of. Continue reading