Stop Pinning Quotes.

Sometimes it takes an all or nothing, head first dive into life to take it all in. Submerging completely, driving full throttle in this game of the world to fully find yourself. It takes a thousand opportunities to come along before taking your leap and allowing yourself to become vulnerable to whatever the outcome may be.

Allowing yourself to feel vulnerable is one of the most beautiful experiences in life. Forgetting all negatives, really living in the moment rather than snapping it, allowing your heart and mind to forget about each other and allowing yourself the peace of not knowing what happens next. The vulnerable moments in life when the world seems right, or all the noises in your head silence,  all is still, and there is no stress for that period of grace that the world almost feels like its stopped spinning.

Sure, sometimes allowing yourself to be vulnerable can break your heart. But, allowing yourself to actually be that open allows you to find your center, clear your mind, and find something within yourself that you may have never noticed before.

Personally, I recently gave into the madness. I let myself become vulnerable to new beginnings’, to relationships with significant others, friends, and family. I got a mildly broken heart, a gang of friends to help me get through it, and a family to make me feel missed, and a Lord that can heal all wounds.

Lately, it has been insane the amount of life lessons that have presented themselves through my life, my friends, and complete strangers. I rejected the vulnerability. I went against the grain and held back feelings and replaced them with stubbornness which resulted in missing out on what could’ve been the greatest thing to come around. I’ve learned that diving head first into the situation was brave, and because I freaked out before seeing it through, listened to others not involved, and tried to fight the feelings. Now I’ve got a really awkward friendship and a whole lot of “I could’ve, would’ve, should’ve” thoughts. But that’s life. Through friends I have learned the value of self-control, the value of maintaining close knit ties with family, and that self-love is one of the most important things we can achieve. Strangers lately have taught me the importance of hospitality, friendliness, and keeping an open mind.

This world is crazy, y’all. It takes 2 seconds to smile and make someone’s day brighter, or even give someone a hug. I think it’s safe to say that everyone becomes more emotional around the holidays, after all, everyone around is either in love, falling in love, or pretending to be in love. Which, hey, who are we to judge the last? It is SO hard to be alone throughout a holiday season, and thank the good Lord I have friends that would go to the end of the Earth for me (or at least Ohio). Throughout this time of the year, it is easier for people to feel more than they usually show. To feel happy, content, or sad. All emotions become more evident, and the loneliness that accompanies the holiday season is upon us. Be that good thing that happened in someone’s day, they may be vulnerable to the season and giving you the chance to prove to them that they can keep their heart open.

So, do something kind for a stranger or even a distant friend. Allow yourself to aid others who may be vulnerable, allow them to truly embrace the comforting moments in their life. MAKE SOMEONE’S DAY EVERY DAMN DAY. Better the world with at least one acts of kindness a day; watch it spread like wildfire. Become vulnerable in the most cherishing moments. Embrace the morning sunrise and let the sunset’s beauty take your breath away, accept random acts of kindness from others without asking why, pray for those who have hurt you, pray for the happiness of others. Allow your beauty to radiate from within your heart, and spread love to all you meet. Stop looking for quotes on Pinterest to vaguely explain your feelings, be honest, speak your mind. Say the brutal truth even if it’s telling someone how much you’ve admired them since ya’ll met. Be vulnerable. Allow the moments to happen. Grow from the lessons you learn or the paths that cross after. Sometimes the most innocent interactions will generate the most passionate chapter of your life.


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