General Feels.

I’m gonna shoot it straight, skip the entry, and hit you straight with the feels.

I love the first snowfall of the year because it seems magical. I hate the second day of snow on the ground because it means I can’t walk around outside barefoot anymore. I love the way Christmas lights shine, and when placed just right can take your breath away. I hate the way Christmas lights make you want to hold hands with someone when you are watching them alone. I love the way coffee tastes better when it is made by someone else. I love Miley circa “Party in the U.S.A.” era.

I love the way rain sounds when it is hitting a tin roof or bouncing off the hood of my car. I hate the idea of being taken for-granted. I over analyze every situation, so much to make sure I am not hurting anyone else, regardless if it hurts me in the end. I really love a good Jack and Coke. I hate when people leave bad tips on dates. I’ve broken up with someone for not taking me dancing before, who doesn’t like to dance?

Here’s a short break to go over my thoughts on food: I think croissants are under rated. Croissants are fucking delicious. Also, there is no way anyone truly likes cranberry stuff over the holidays, or casseroles for that matter. I love when restaurants give you ranch for your hot wings without asking. Crushed ice is underrated, everyone likes the little snow ball ice better than ice cubes.

Back to the blog:

I love vacations but always feel relieved when I walk in my front door. I’ll insist that I am right even when I realize I am wrong. Being beautiful is over rated. There are so many other things to be than beautiful. Like fearless, brilliant, intriguing or adventurous. Or intriguing, determined, successful, and powerful. Be radiant, kind, or magnificently complicated. Be a storm that tears up every path you take with whirlwinds of destruction, everyone has those times. Forget being crazy, everyone has something or someone that makes them so passionate they get a little insane sometimes. If they say they don’t, they are lying. Sometimes I watch sad movies, listen to sad music, or sit in silence until I cry, but because I bottle everything inside and need to let it out. And trust me, letting it out with a forced cry is 10 times healthier than ripping shots of Patron and Jack and screamin’ relentlessly about things you won’t remember the next day.

I do believe that you fall in love many different times in your lifetime, I also think that wherever you are in the world you could find someone compatible enough to go through life with. That’s kinda sad though. Ever felt like you were in love, then fell in love with someone else after? Yeah, same. I hate how some people you never get over, you just gotta move on from them because it is toxic, or the timing is wrong. I love the way looking back at memories or certain songs can reinvent the love you knew. Seriously, sometimes the second falling for someone is almost more intoxicating than the first. I love the way hearts get broken. The rise and fall of the expected fairytale and the healing of the hurt. I love seeing people mend themselves and become whole all on their own.

Sometimes it’s hard to pray with a whole heart, especially for someone else’s happiness before your own when you actually want to be part of that. I think one of the best thing you can do for someone is pray for them, strangers too.

Sunsets are prettier with someone you care about. Hands down. The beach is over rated, go get lost in the mountains then try and argue it. Gaining a sense of wonder can change your life, even if curiosity sometimes kills the cat. Everyone deserves a life changing adventure, but you’ve got to go out of your comfort zone if you ever want to experience something worthwhile.

I didn’t really have a point for this blog besides saying some things that have been on my mind lately. Like why the hell do we not have a smoothie shop in Lima, OH. That would be a complete game changer. Or just having somewhere that I can type out I wanted you so badly, never needed, but would’ve loved ya so much I actually surprised myself. Also, I am in a beard phase right now and it has got to be the strangest thing.  Honestly, I am watching impractical jokers while writing this which would be why none of this seems to flow, and so that I don’t hit the feels too deep for a Sunday night.

I’ve got a lot more. But for now, I’m going to hit the hay and keep my fingers crossed for a better week. Go out there and take your chances, grow deeper, and love more often. Break your own heart if you have to do what’s best for you, and then write about it so one day when someone loves you, you will know exactly how they feel. If that doesn’t open your eyes, maybe a single Jack and Coke is your next best option.


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