Smaller Details

Sometimes it just happens to be that the sweetest things in life are the smallest details. Like the feeling you get when the barista spells your name correctly on the coffee for the first time EVER. Or the feeling you get when you reach to high pitch of your jam song and the driver of the car blares the music so you don’t have to hold back any level of relentless screeching.

It’s the smallest details we overlook, take for granted, or fail to appreciate in the moment. So consumed in the bigger picture, the ‘whats next’, the filtered version of our everyday life; we fail to recognize the genuine glamour in the little things. We pinpoint our sights to the final destination and pay no mind to how breathtaking the 6 AM sunrise is on the way to the office, or the way the HOT sign lights up just as go to Krispy Kreme for a glazed donut. The small details of Christmas mornings as every wipes sleep from their eyes and smile whole heartedly for the first time in awhile. We take for granted just how cute our dog is wanting attention or how his tail wags nonstop for leftovers.

The small detail of a stranger holding a door open for us and we feel obligated to sprint the last 10 feet as if we are saving them hours of time in their day. How great is the feeling of just being told to have a good day, that “see ya later, love ya” you tell your best friend as you leave, or when you remember ALL the words to the star spangled banner at a packed sporting event so you don’t have to half mumble that middle part. Yeah, same.

The smallest details in everyday life make all the difference. For instance, remove the lime from your jumbo marg and it just isn’t the same. Or imagine how much worse Monday Mornings would be without that perfect cup of coffee to get ya movin’.  There is a fine line between having not enough ice cubes, and having too many, just think about being stuck with either situation for the rest of ever and tell me its not the worst.

The smallest details make the biggest impact. Like being given an entire apple pie when you were only craving a slice, it makes all the difference. Sometimes life calls for a change of direction which is what I have come to find lately. I have found that this journey is like most of our skin in 7th grade: bumpy, stressful, and full of blemishes.

I’ve recently been asked what New Years Resolution I have decided to pursue. Naturally, I have never fully stuck with a NYR because I have either lacked self control or apparently thought I was the bees knees and didn’t have an area to improve upon. WELL, let me tell ya, there’s a list a mile long of self improvement areas I should have addressed long ago. Namely, why the fuck did I think gaucho pants were a good idea on my butterball body in 6th grade. Seriously, mom, why did you allow that?

SO, as you may presume, I have decided that this year I want to focus on the smaller details in my everyday life. I want to appreciate more everyday things that I take for granted, and truly resonate in the entire moments rather than incorporating all events as one situation. Each day I want to pick out something new that I appreciated as a smaller detail. For the past twelve days of 2017 I have come up with this:

I appreciate the silence of being the only person within site on a snow covered mountain with nothing on my mind except how beautiful the good Lord made this Earth, and how freaking bad ass you have to be to even create such a masterpiece. I appreciate the Timmy Ho manager who makes my coffee with perfection each morning, and the fact that he calls me Wendy rather than Lindsey, the small laugh I get to start each day with is such a blessing in disguise on rough mornings ( like this past Tuesday when I dropped my hairbrush in the toilet- I got a new one since fyi). I took notice that when my Landlord met me for the first time he scolded me for not wearing a proper outer coat, and that I was reluctantly going to come down with hypothermia. (fingers crossed that never happens). I saw a stranger help load groceries into a car for an elderly man at a grocery, that’ll make you see the kindness still in the world. My mom has been having a “love you more” contest with me the past week, and though its typically in the middle of something I am doing, the messages make me smile. It kills me inside to think I would take something like that for granted. Another small detail would be the humor my bosses dad has, man its strange but never a dull moment. I got in the car and was greeted by a bangin’ hit song after a longggggg day of work, and there’s few things in life that can compare to the way music brightens your entire mood. I actually got the blessing of watching my best friends smile as they greeted me, and embraced their love with open arms. Isn’t it wild how many small things each day there are taken for granted? Additionally to that list, my little brother finally accepted me on most forms of social media. I call that a definite win. And the smallest detail that I have really tried to soak in today would be just how kind hearted those I have surrounded myself with truly are.

Cheers to you, 2017. The year I appreciate the finer things in life. Like the Meijer wine sale when Rodeo Red is only $5 dollars instead of $10. May I learn to appreciate the smallest details and  all their dynamite power to change my life around. And to y’all reading this, may this year bring nothing but adventure, inspiration, trying new things, and your own apple pie delivered straight to your doorstep.




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