Don’t go searching, just stop settling

There is no joy to be found when you’ve lost your heart in places that can’t be found. And this is more than a person. It’s in a relationship, a job, or a place. If you are not happy, stop settling. Settling is for people who are ‘okay’ with mediocre people, miserable jobs, and a run of the mill life. There is so much in this world that we have yet to discover. You shouldn’t settle into the everyday routine and hope for something better to come along.

Settling for a person is heartbreaking. Playing a waiting game for someone to come around only has a happy ending in movies. Or playing with emotions when it’s not a game is the pits. Don’t give away your heart to someone that drags it around or entertains it when it’s convenient. Guard your heart. Be selective with the person you share it with. I’m not saying build walls around your heart and treat people like they aren’t worthy, or play games, or confuse someone. I’m saying respect yourself enough to give your heart to someone that will care for it better than they care for themselves. Don’t settle into a pattern of ‘maybe next time’ or ‘wish it would’ve worked out’ or the ever popular 3 A.M. drunken ‘I love you’ phone calls. It’s hard. But give your heart to the person who asks how your day is, to the person that says you are so magnificently radiant rather than hot af, to the person who respects you. Caring is cool, caring is so cool it should be the freaking trend of the century. The lack luster admiration of someone who pretends not to care is NOT worth it. Why lose sleep over someone that is not willing to acknowledge that you are a person, or a soul, or just an actual being. I know my worth. And what is the MOST frustrating is that even though I know my worth, I still find myself in these patterns of repeats or “do-overs” with someone who either doesn’t know what they want or someone who doesn’t know how to show appreciate for the value in which they see me. Seriously, there is no compromising of your self-worth for any reason. None. You are intelligent, wise, kind, beautiful inside and out, and a damn good time. There is no “maybe later” or “now isn’t the time” or the infamous “I’m just busy”.  No such luck chuck, if someone wants to be a part of your life they make time, or effort, or some sort of recognition that you are important to them.

They don’t leave you confused.

or sad

or hurt

or broken in spirit

or doubting where things went wrong.

SO, stop settling for these people and placing so much emphasis on their wellbeing and start focusing on yourself. Be happy, enjoy the sunshine, and I promise you’ll smile more. Just be kind, overly kind. Love people regardless how much  it hurts sometimes- or sucks- but remember to love yourself, too.


SETTLING FOR A JOB IS SO TERRIBLE. How can you be happy when you are actually getting paid to be miserable? Being miserable is then your job. Hence why you are miserable every day and will continue to be unhappy. Sure, a job can get tough, or boring, or crazy from time to time. But if you are truly miserable or hate your job- just change it. Put yourself first and do something to make yourself happy each day, in the position that you work every day.

One of the wildest things imaginable is settling to be in a place you are not happy. There are seriously so many places besides outer space that you could be. And in the next 50 years I’m sure that will be another option. One time someone told me that I would never get a job because I’m too free spirited, too on the go, too ‘down to go anywhere at any time’. Needless to say that was at a GNC (lol). And I honestly had no knowledge about their products anyways. BUT, the gist of it is that why is that a problem. You’ve got ONE life to live, and there are so many possibilities out there. Why would you chose to stay in a place that swallows you whole, makes you feel trapped, or continuously beats you down. You make your own kind of hell when you become slave to the mediocrity of things like that. The sun shines every day if you are lucky, but it will never shine on a place that keeps you from feeling your heartbeat.

Take a breath of fresh air and take the time to change your life into something you want. Don’t break your heart trying to find another. Life’s too short to become complacent. There’s a difference in giving up and realizing that what you are doing is hurting you.

It’s gonna be alright.



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