More Pie, Please.

I guess you can really ever know when ‘enough is enough’ until you are at the breaking point. Continue reading


Growing Pains.


Sometimes situations occur without reason, or feelings change as rapidly as the Ohio weather, and life gets a little fuzzy. We make promises we intend to keep but without success. We distance ourselves from people who love us or who may be toxic in our life. Sometimes we push ourselves away from anything long term because of the pressure it would put on the present.  And sometimes we just get overwhelmed with everything.  It’s like a really, really, old t-swift album. (No shame, I still jam to T-swizzle once a week at least) Continue reading

Smaller Details

Sometimes it just happens to be that the sweetest things in life are the smallest details. Like the feeling you get when the barista spells your name correctly on the coffee for the first time EVER. Or the feeling you get when you reach to high pitch of your jam song and the driver of the car blares the music so you don’t have to hold back any level of relentless screeching. Continue reading

Treat Yo’ Self, first.

Sometimes the hardest person to fall in love with is yourself. It is so easy to become consumed in the world and pleasing everyone around, that we forget the most important person in need of attention. Our hearts are spread so thin trying to love everyone that we don’t save anything for ourselves. The most important person we can love, we neglect. We push ourselves to the bottom of the totem pole, to chase after that one we can’t catch. We obsess over the idea of being in love; to the point that we think we love someone. But we don’t. We love the idea of being in love. Continue reading